ABAT Balkania held 2 presentations in Sofia, Bulgaria


SPORT FOR ALL Project, Bulgarian Sports Federation for Children Deprived of Parental Care

The project is implemented in accordance with AGREEMENT № 2015 – 3581 / 001 – 001

On 8th and 9th October Balkania had 2 presentations under the project SPORT FOR ALL related with activity 3 task 2: „Adapted physical and sport activities”

The aim of this activity was to accentuate the importance of adapted sport and physical activities for people with disabilities, whether physical or intellectual, as a means of integration and a sense of belonging to the society. Balkania presented the data and conclusions collected in collaboration with schools for people with disabilities in front of the students  of the Faculty for Sport and physical activities and other stakeholders.

Representatives from our organization together with representatives from the project partners attended the opening ceremony of the Sofia Marathon 2016.

Place: Information Centre Sofia 2018 – European Capital of Sport

Period: 07-12 October 2016